Do you know how the pneumatic butterfly valve works

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The pneumatic butterfly valve is opened and closed with a circular butterfly plate that is rolled with the mandarin to realize the action. The pneumatic valve is mainly used as a shut-off valve, and can also be designed to have the function of adjusting or stepping valve and regulating. The disc valve is at a low pressure. There are more and more applications on medium-caliber pipes.

Butterfly valve structure

The butterfly valve is simple in structure, small in size and light in weight, and consists of only a few parts. And it can be quickly opened and closed by simply rotating 90°, and the operation is simple. Together, the electric valve has excellent fluid handling characteristics. When the butterfly valve is in a completely open orientation, the thickness of the disc is a single resistance when the medium flows through the valve body, so the pressure drop occurring through the valve is small, so that the flow control characteristic is good. The butterfly valve has two sealing types: a spring seal and a metal seal. Elastomerically sealed valve, the sealing ring can be mounted on the valve body or attached to the periphery of the disc.

If the butterfly valve is required to be used as a flow control, the first thing is to correctly select the size and type of the valve. The structural principle of the butterfly valve is especially suitable for making large diameter valves. Butterfly valves are widely used not only in general industries such as petroleum, gas, chemical, and water treatment, but also in cooling water systems for thermal power plants.

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