What should you pay attention to when selecting a pneumatic actuator

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1, actuator selection

When using a pneumatic actuator, add a safety value to the valve torque that has been determined. Add 25% safety value to water vapor or non-smooth liquid medium: 30% safe value for non-smooth slurry liquid medium: non-smooth dry gas medium Add 40% safe value: 60% safe value for non-smooth gas-delivered granular powder media: 20% safe value for clean, low-friction smooth media (the above safety values are recommended by the company for reference only).

Pneumatic actuators

2, double-acting actuator selection example

When manipulating a ball valve with a demand torque of 200NM, the air source pressure is only 0.5MPA, the medium is for non-smooth water vapor, considering the safety factor, add 25% safety value equal to 250NM, find the air source pressure 0.5MPA according to the double-acting output torque meter. Then, find the torque data equal to or near the vertical along the column, select 268NM, and then search the model to the left along the line to select the AT125 type.

3, single-acting actuator selection example

When operating a butterfly valve with a torque of 100 NM, the air supply pressure is 0.5 MPA, and the medium is a non-smooth dry gas. Considering the safety factor, add a 40% safety value equal to 140 NM, and find the spring end reset end by the single-acting output torque meter. Torque 148NM, then find the end torque of the air source pressure 0.5MPA 158NM along the line. It is necessary to consider the balance between the air source pressure torque and the spring return torque. Then find the gas model and the number of springs along the line. Pick AT145s and 10 springs.

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