Notes on valve installation and maintenance

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Although Shanghai Gaocheng's main products are pneumatic ball valves and pneumatic butterfly valves, there are many customers who use manual valves. The service life of a valve has a great relationship with on-site installation and maintenance. Below I will give you a summary of the precautions for valve installation and maintenance.

1. The open and closed valve of the manual valve is its hand wheel or handle, which is designed to fit the ordinary person because of the strength of the sealing surface and the necessary sealing force. You can't use long levers or long-handed moves. Some people are accustomed to using a wrench, should be careful not to use too much force too fast, otherwise it is easy to damage the sealing surface, and the hand wheel plate or handle.

2. Open and close the valve, and the force should be stable.

3. When the valve is fully open, the handwheel should be pushed back a little to avoid damage to the loose thread.

4. For more impurities, more internal dirt, fine-tuning the valve, high-speed moving medium, first wash away the impurities, then gently close, do not end soon, close with force, to prevent the sealing surface from kneading residual impurities, open from the head So, after repeated iterations, flushing the dirt can be put into work.

5. Normally open valve, the above method should also be washed away, and then closed, such as hand wheel, handle damage or loss, should be filled immediately, can not be replaced with a wrench.

6. Open and closed, if found to be too laborious, should analyze the reasons. If the packing is too tight, it can be properly relaxed. For example, the valve stem is tilted. The repairer should be told that some valves, in the closed state and after thermal expansion, can cause the problem of inability to open, and the half of the bonnet thread can be unscrewed.

7. Before installation, check the valve to check if the valve stem is damaged during transportation.

8. To remove the debris in the valve, the pipeline should be cleaned before use to avoid welding slag, residual impurities, and damage to the sealing surface.

9. Valve lifting to avoid damage to these parts.

10. Install the flange valve, pay attention to the even and symmetrical bolts. The valve flange and the pipe flange must be parallel and reasonable space to avoid excessive pressure on the valve and even cracking.

11. When welding the welding valve and pipe, first point it, then close the piece and open it completely, then weld it.


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