Introduce the precautions for welding ball valve devices

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Shanghai Gaocheng Automation produces pneumatic ball valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, electric ball valves and electric butterfly valves. There are various options for the connection form. Today, we will introduce the precautions for welding ball valve devices, that is, welding, also known as welding, which is a method of joining metal or other thermoplastic materials by heating, high temperature or high pressure. An operational form in which the manufacturing process and technology of plastics connect the two. For example, the three-piece ball valve that we often see can be divided into butt welding, socket welding, and lengthening welding.

Can you directly operate the welding process to the pipeline?

Three-piece welded ball valve, if it is cast by metal material, it is necessary to disassemble the four bolts on the valve body of the ball valve to weld the two welded joints of the ball valve body and the pipe firmly, and then install the middle section of the valve to the welded one. Pipes can be used to ensure their normal operation. Then it will not affect the production.

Pneumatic ball valve

Why do you have to remove it before you can weld it?

The three-piece ball valve is sealed with Teflon, a white, high-performance sealed plastic material. Its normal temperature resistance is 150 degrees Celsius. When welding, the sealing material is damaged due to the high temperature process, the sealing performance of the valve is degraded, and the leakage of the pipeline medium is easily formed in the production operation. If the above-mentioned direct welding is caused, resulting in damage to the seal ring, it is necessary to consider replacing the seal ring, which not only wastes the cost, but also affects the progress of production.

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