Welded extended ball valve ZMQ61F

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First, the manual extended welding ball valve overview:

The manual long welding ball valve adopts integrated structure, beautiful appearance, light and cheap, quick disassembly and assembly, flexible operation, simple matching, large circulation capacity, widely used in food, environmental protection, light industry, petroleum, paper, chemical, electric power and other industries. In industrial automation systems.

Second, the manual extended welding ball valve features:

1. The valve body and end cover are dewaxed and precision cast.

2, valve stem explosion-proof design

3, optional butt welding, socket welding

4, full flow path floating ball

5. High platform design using ISO5211 direct mount actuator

6. Anti-static device between the ball valve and the ball

7, double-disc spring shrapnel automatic compression packing design


Third, manual long welding ball valve offer notice:

1. Valve body parameters: caliber, working pressure, valve body material, medium used, connection form, etc.

2, actuator: actuator form, control mode, control signal (4-20MA), mode of action (gas-open, gas-off)

3. Optional accessories: solenoid valve, limit switch, two-piece

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Manually extended welded ball valve features

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