Introduce the precautions for the installation of pneumatic ball valve brand

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In the sale, users will encounter the quality problem of the valve. According to the analysis, many reasons are caused by the improper operation of the installation personnel. Today, we will introduce the requirements of the pneumatic flange ball valve device in detail.

Preparation before the ball valve device:

(1) The pipeline before and after the ball valve is ready, the front and rear pipes should be coaxial, and the sealing surfaces of the two flanges should be parallel. The pipe should be able to accept the weight of the ball valve, otherwise the pipe must be equipped with appropriate support.

(2) Purge the front and rear lines of the valve clean and remove the oil, welding slag and all other impurities in the pipeline.

(3) Check the sign of the ball valve and find out that the ball valve is intact. The valve is fully opened and closed several times to confirm that the operation is normal.

(4) Remove the maintenance parts on the flanges at both ends of the ball valve.

(5) Check the valve hole to remove any dirt that may be present, and then clean the valve hole. Even a small amount of foreign matter between the seat and the ball may damage the seat sealing surface.

Pneumatic ball valve quality

Note on the device:

(1) Install the valve on the pipeline. Any end of the valve can be mounted on the upstream end. The valve driven by the handle can be placed in a comfortable position on the pipe. However, ball valves with gearboxes or pneumatic drives should be erected, ie the device is on a horizontal pipe and the drive is above the pipe.

(2) A gasket is installed between the valve flange and the pipeline flange according to the pipeline planning requirements.

(3) The bolts on the flange should be tightened symmetrically, successively and evenly.

(4) Connect the pneumatic line (when a pneumatic drive is selected).

View after the device:

(1) Operate the drive to open and close the ball valve several times. It should be sensitive and stagnate, and confirm that its operation is normal.

(2) Check the sealing performance of the flange joint between the pipe and the ball valve according to the pipeline planning requirements.

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