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As the name implies, the pneumatic ball valve is a ball valve equipped with a pneumatic implement. The performance of the pneumatic implement is relatively fast, so it is generally called pneumatic quick cut off the ball valve. Pneumatic ball valves are generally equipped with various accessories, such as solenoid valve, air source processing triplex, limit switch, positioner, control box, etc., to achieve local control and long-distance centralized control, and the valve can be controlled in the control room. There is no need to go to the scene or bring manual control at high altitude and danger, which saves a lot of human resources and time and safety.

What is a pneumatic ball valve

Pneumatic ball valve development and operation principle

Pneumatic ball valves are evolved from plug valves. It has the same 90 degree rotation, except that the plug body is a sphere with a circular through hole or passage through its axis. The fraction of the spherical surface and the passage opening should be such that when the ball is rotated 90 degrees, the spherical surface should be present at the inlet and outlet, and then the flow is cut off.

Pneumatic ball valves only need to be rotated by a pneumatic actuator with a 90 degree rotation and a small rolling moment to close the tightness. The equal valve body cavity provides a small, straight-through flow path for the medium. Ball valves are generally considered to be suitable for direct opening and closing, but recent developments have designed ball valves to save and control flow. The first feature of the ball valve is its compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, suitable for general working media such as water, solvent, acid and natural gas, and also suitable for medium with harsh working conditions such as oxygen, hydrogen peroxide, methane and ethylene. The ball valve body can be integral or combined.

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