Lets take a look at the working principle and characteristics of the pneumatic control valve.

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The small valve is of great use, it can be as small as the family, and industrial automation. Let us take a look at the operating principle and usefulness of the pneumatic control valve and what are the characteristics.

Pneumatic control valve is a right angle reversal structure, which is used with valve positioner to achieve share conditioning; with large flow coefficient, large adjustable ratio, good sealing effect, sensitive conditioning function, small size, vertical horizontal device . Suitable for handling gases, vapors, liquids, etc. The pneumatic piston actuator uses compressed air as the power source. After the movement of the piston, the crank arm is rotated 90 degrees to reach the valve to automatically open and close. Its components are: conditioning bolts, actuator housings, crank arms, cylinder blocks, cylinder shafts, pistons, connecting rods, and universal joint shafts. Pneumatic conditioning valve operating principle: Pneumatic conditioning valve consists of actuator and conditioning mechanism. The actuator is the thrust component of the conditioning valve, which pushes the corresponding thrust according to the magnitude of the pressure of the control signal, and pushes the movement of the conditioning mechanism. The valve body is a conditioning component of the pneumatic conditioning valve that is in direct contact with the conditioning medium to condition the fluid of the fluid.

Pneumatically adjusted structure

The pneumatic control valve has a simple structure and a long service life. Suitable for all media, high temperature and chemical resistant. Explosion-proof costs are low, all of which are the operating principles of pneumatic conditioning valves, as well as their usefulness and features. It can be seen that there are many uses of the valve, and it is closely related to our usual days.

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