The use and maintenance of high pressure solenoid valves is also important

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The high-pressure solenoid valve has been a naval and air force accessory product since its invention, and its military quality is unquestionable! What is even more rare is that Shanghai Gaocheng high-pressure solenoid valve has a compact plan, exquisite and beautiful temperature rise, no noise, zero leakage, agile movement, high frequency, export series, and reliable quality. The use and maintenance of the valve after purchase is also extremely important.

High pressure solenoid valve

1. When the high-pressure solenoid valve is not used for a long time, the valve should be closed before the valve. When the slave is activated, the high-pressure solenoid valve should clean the condensate and make several trials. The switch can be put into operation before the switch.

2. When the high-pressure solenoid valve is removed from the pipeline, the inside and parts should be wiped clean and stored with tight air.

3. When working, pay attention to the pressure gauge before and after the solenoid valve, begging that the working pressure must not exceed the additional pressure, the operating pressure difference must be within the range of additional pressure difference. When the application time is long, such as the seal between the piston and the valve seat is not good, the piston sealing surface can be smoothed from the head and then grinded with the valve seat. When the operating pressure exceeds the extra pressure or the operating pressure difference exceeds the extra pressure difference, the solenoid valve should be stopped, and the front and rear manual valves are closed to avoid the explosion and leakage of the solenoid valve.

4. After the solenoid valve device, it is necessary to pass the medium test operation several times to confirm that the normal front can be put into formal use.

5. The dirt inside and outside the large valve and the suction surface should be cleaned as scheduled, so be careful not to damage the sealing surface.

6, it is recommended to use the unit to send someone to serve. How to test the switching frequency of the solenoid valve, the working principle of the high-temperature solenoid valve is used, the working principle of the high-temperature solenoid valve is used, the device of the high-speed solenoid valve is used, and the working principle of the steam solenoid valve.

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