Pneumatic ball valve brand manufacturers tell you how to choose internal thread ball valve

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Internal thread ball valve is more common, and it is also a kind of ball valve with more usage. It is divided into one piece, two pieces, three pieces. Many people don’t know how to choose these three, which can save the cost for customers, Can choose the right valve.

Internal thread ball valve

Here, Shanghai Gaocheng will share their respective characteristics with you:

One-piece: One-piece ball valve is fixed by a plug, so that it is convenient for his repair, the internal structure is attributed to the necking, and the flow resistance is small (compared to the same diameter) and the pressure is not equal to two-piece and three-piece. Strengths: low cost, low price, mostly used for manual;

Two-piece: Two-piece ball valve is the best among the three products in terms of compression resistance and flow rate. It is the choice inside the chip ball valve. He is the same as the one-piece type and is mostly used for manual operation.

Three-piece: The three-piece structure is characterized by quick installation. It can be disassembled and installed by itself during installation. The sealing ring is movable, especially welded, one piece and two pieces cannot be disassembled and installed. It is easy to burn the inner parts inside (such as sealing), and the best choice at this time is three pieces. Three-piece multi-purpose pneumatic.

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