What is the role of the three-way ball valve? What is the characteristic?

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Today at our Shanghai Gaocheng morning meeting, Zhang Yingzi shared the three-way ball valve with his type analysis and effects. After her sharing, I also summarized myself:

Three-way ball valve

The three-way ball valve that we usually use is divided according to the driving method. It can be divided into manual, pneumatic, electric, and according to the connection method. It can be divided into internal thread connection and flange connection. According to his effect, it can be divided into T type and L-type, T-type three-way primary shunt and merge effect.

The L-type three-way ball valve only serves as a distribution effect. It can be divided according to the seal. The PTFE seal (F) operating temperature is ≤150°C, PPL seal, the operating temperature is ≤280°C, and the pressure range of the three-way ball valve is 1.0-6.4. MPA, but we generally use 1.0-1.6MPA, which is 10 or 16 kg, the diameter range, the internal thread tee is DN15-DN100, the flange tee can be slightly larger, DN15-DN200, of which the internal thread Because the caliber is smaller, the use of high channels is more, and the flanges are generally connected by brackets. One of the important advantages of the three-way ball valve is that it can be used for one valve.

She shared very well. She said that it was a minute on the stage and ten years of work. This is the result of her constant practice and continuous efforts. I trust that as long as we practice more and repeat it many times, everything will become simple. Easy.

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