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First, Fixed Pneumatic Ball Valve Overview

Fixed pneumatic ball valves in oil, natural gas, coal and ore mining, refining and piping systems; in chemical products, pharmaceutical and food production; in hydroelectric, thermal and nuclear power production systems; in urban and industrial enterprises In the water supply and drainage, heating, and gas supply systems; in the irrigation and drainage system of farmland; widely used in the metallurgical production system, is an important mechanical product closely related to production and construction, national defense construction and people's lives. The ball valve is sealed in various types of piping systems for shutting off or switching on the medium flow, so that the medium is delivered to each designated point according to a predetermined procedure.


Second, the characteristics of fixed pneumatic ball valve

(1) The pneumatic fixed ball valve adopts the fixed ball design, and the relative moving parts adopt the self-lubricating material with very small friction coefficient, so the operating torque is small, and the long-term sealing of the sealing grease makes the operation more flexible.

(2) Pneumatic fixed ball valve adopts full diameter or reduced diameter design, and the flow resistance is small.

(3) Pneumatic fixed ball valve adopts fixed ball design and adds pre-tightening spring, so that electric ball valve has automatic pressure relief function.

(4) Each ball valve has two movable sealing seats, which can be sealed in both directions, so the flow direction of the medium need not be considered during installation.

(5) It has a fireproof and anti-static structure, and a conductive spring is arranged between the valve stem and the valve body and the valve stem and the sphere to avoid electrostatic ignition and ignite the flammable medium. Make sure the system is secure.

(6) Double protection of refractory structure. When the sealing ring is burnt in case of fire, the sealing parts of the ball valve can form a metal-to-metal hard sealing structure.

Third, the main parameters of fixed pneumatic ball valve

Nominal diameterDN50~500mm
Connection methodFlange
Cylinder configurationZMA actuator series
Cylinder formDouble acting, single acting (spring reset)
Nominal pressure16, 25, 40 bar (please specify if you need higher pressure ordering)
Air pressureDouble action: 4~8bar, single action: 5~8bar
Medium temperatureW1: -40~180°C W2: -40~300°C W3: -30~425°C W4: -40~425°C
Ambient temperatureStandard type: -20~80°C
Body materialCarbon steel (C), stainless steel (P4, P6)
Sealing materialPolytetrafluoroethylene (F), para-polyphenylene (PPL), hard metal seal (H), hard alloy (Y)
Remarks: Other special sealing materials or special temperatures can also be designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

Fourth, fixed pneumatic ball valve technical specifications

Design Basis GB standard
design standards GB/12237
Structure lengthFlange linkGB/12221
Connection flange sizeGB/9113、JB/T79
Experiment and inspectionGB/T13927、JB/T9092

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Fixed pneumatic ball valve features

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