About the installation and operation of pneumatic valves

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1. Select the corresponding actuator according to the standard driving torque required by the butterfly valve or the ball valve. The output torque of the actuator should be selected to be the data calibrated under the pressure of 0.4MPa. In general, the torque of the actuator should be greater than 25% of the required driving torque of the valve.

2. Referring to the shape connection diagram, align the butterfly valve or the ball valve shaft head into the output hole of the actuator. At this time, the valve and the actuator are in a closed orientation, and the actuator and the valve are connected by the corresponding bolts.

3. The valve fitted with the actuator should normally be straight and straight on the pipeline. The direction of the cylinder of the actuator should be the same as the direction of the pipeline. The filter (accessory) and solenoid valve (accessory) should be converted to a straight orientation if it is necessary to be a horizontal unit. When the valve body is too heavy, the support frame should be appropriately increased to avoid deformation of the valve body. The device should also be provided with a certain orientation for the manual operation (accessory) attachment for manual operation.

4. In order to ensure the accuracy of the opening and closing orientation of the pneumatic valve, the actuator is provided with a micro-motion adjustment structure, which can adjust the adjustment bolts at both ends of the cylinder to determine the exact orientation of the valve core. After adjustment, the sealing nut and gasket must be tightly sealed to avoid air leakage. After the above adjustments, the orientation of the travel switch should also be adjusted. Make adjustments as needed.

5, pneumatic execution organization can be equipped with hand-operated organization, in emergency and special circumstances, the hand-operated organization can be manually operated. In manual operation, the actuator cylinder should be turned open to make the resistance reduction operation light. Then, the hand-operated switching handle is pulled out to the manual orientation, and the hand wheel can be operated. When the manual operation is completed and the active state is restored, the switching handle of the handle organization is restored to the aerodynamic orientation, and the pneumatic circuit can be connected to reach the active state.

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