How to choose the accessories of pneumatic butterfly valve

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The accessories of the pneumatic butterfly valve sometimes play an important role in a set of pneumatic butterfly valves. How to choose the accessories of the pneumatic butterfly valve?

Pneumatic butterfly valve use

1. The accessories of pneumatic butterfly valve mainly include: positioner, pressure reducing valve, filter, oil mister, stroke switch, solenoid valve, hand wheel mechanism and so on.

2. The accessories serve to compensate for the function and ensure the operation of the valve. Add as necessary, unnecessary to add. Adding attachments when not necessary will increase the price and reduce reliability.

3. Strict explosion-proof occasions, optional: electrical converter + pneumatic positioner.

4. The solenoid valve should select a reliable product to prevent it from acting when it is moving.

5. It is recommended that the hand wheel mechanism is not required for important occasions to prevent human error.

6. As far as possible, the manufacturer shall supply and install the device to ensure the reliability of the connection between the system and the assembly.

7. The main function of the positioner is to improve the output force and the speed of movement. When these functions are not needed, it is not necessary to bring it, not with a positioner.

8. For the fast response system, do not operate the valve fast, optional converter.

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