VQ947H flange V-type electric ball valve

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First, VQ947H flange V-type electric ball valve overview:

The VQ947H flange V-type electric ball valve adopts the movable valve seat structure loaded by the leaf spring. The valve seat and the ball body will not cause jamming or detachment, etc. The sealing is reliable and the service life is long. The V-type ball valve spool is designed as a V-notch with a special switch. It has a large flow capacity, low pressure loss, and has a shut-off characteristic and control function. The flow characteristics are approximately equal percentage. The opening and closing member adopts a V-shaped spherical missing structure, which completely solves the problem that the valve cavity is easy to deposit medium. The flange V-type electric ball valve is composed of an electric actuator and a V-shaped ball valve. This product has stable performance and is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, electric power, food and other industrial sectors.

Second, the main parameters of VQ947H flange V-type electric ball valve

product nameFlange V-type electric ball valve
Product numberVQ947H
Product caliber15-300MM
Product pressure1.0Mpa-4.0 Mpa
Body materialCast steel, stainless steel 304,316,316L
Valve plate materialCast steel, stainless steel 304,316,316L
Drive modeManual, pneumatic, electric


Third, VQ947H flange V-type electric ball valve features:

1, compact structure, small size, can be installed in vertical and other advantages.

2, with excellent adjustment characteristics: V-type ball valve has an approximate equal percentage of inherent flow characteristics and adjustable ratio of up to 300:1. Therefore, the V-valve can provide control over a wide range of variations.

3. Maximum flow volume: Due to its streamlined shape and full right angle rotation control, the maximum volume is extremely high, the flow capacity is particularly large, and the flow resistance is small, so a smaller and more economical valve size can be used.

4. The V-type ball valve adopts double bearing structure, high mechanical stability and small starting torque, which ensures the valve has good sensitivity and induction speed.

5, the most reliable (safe): the valve body is a whole, sturdy and durable, the operation is not affected by the pipeline pressure, and can avoid leakage of the valve body.

6. Excellent sealing of metal valve seat: V-type ball valve adopts movable metal valve seat, self-compensation function, and has superior sealing performance and long service life. In the flow direction, the leakage amount is ≤10-6×rated flow coefficient.

7. Super shearing capacity: V-type ball valve adopts metal hard seal structure, V-shaped ball valve core and metal valve seat are in the process of turning. V-notch and valve seat produce a strong shearing force to cut fiber and other impurities. And has a self-cleaning function to avoid valve jamming.

Fourth, VQ947H flange V-type electric ball valve technical parameters:

Nominal pressure Ps(MPa)Strength test2.4~9.6
Seal test1.76~7.0
Material codeCPR



Valve bodyWCBZG1Cr18Ni9TiZGOCr18Ni12Mo2Ti
ball arm2Cr13ZG1Cr18Ni9TiZG0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti
valve stem2Cr131Cr18Ni9Ti0Cr18Ni12Mo2Ti
Seal ringPTFE, stainless steel, hard alloy
fillerPolytetrafluoroethylene, flexible graphite
Applicable conditionsApplicable mediumWater, steam, oilNitric acidAcetic acid
proper temperature-28~400℃-28~500℃
ActuatormodelZMA series electric actuator
Connection TypeWafer type, flange type

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Flange electric ball valve features

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