Pneumatic ball valve manufacturers introduce you to the performance of pneumatic actuators

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Pneumatic actuator performance:

Pneumatic equipment

1. The rated output force or torque of pneumatic equipment should comply with the rules of GB/T12222 and GB/T12223.

2. Under no-load conditions, the air pressure according to the rules in Table 2 shall be input to the cylinder, and the action shall be smooth, without jamming and smashing.

3. Under the air pressure of 0.6MPa, the output torque or thrust of the pneumatic equipment in both directions shall be not less than the value indicated on the pneumatic equipment label, and the action shall be flexible, and the deformation and other parts shall not be allowed. unusual phenomenon.

4. When the experiment is carried out with the maximum working pressure of the sealing test, the amount of air leaking from the side of each back pressure is not allowed to exceed (3+0.15D)cm3/min (standard state); leakage from the end cover and the output shaft The amount of air is not allowed to exceed (3 + 0.15d) cm3 / min.

5. The strength experiment was carried out with a maximum working pressure of 1.5 times. After the experimental pressure was maintained for 3 minutes, leakage and structural deformation were not allowed in the cylinder end cover and static sealing part.

6. The number of action life times, the pneumatic equipment simulates the action of the pneumatic valve. When the output torque or thrust capability in both directions is adhered to, the number of opening and closing operations of the opening and closing operation should be no less than 50000 times (the opening-closing cycle is once).

7. Pneumatic equipment with cushioning structure, when the piston moves to the end position of the stroke, no impact phenomenon is allowed.

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