What are the advantages of pneumatic actuators on the market

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Pneumatic actuator advantages:

1. Withstand the continuous gas signal, output linear displacement (after the power/gas conversion device, it can also bear the connected electrical signal), and some can be equipped with the rocker arm to output the angular displacement.

2, there are positive and negative effects.

3. The moving speed is large, but the speed will be slower when the load increases.

4. The output force is related to the operating pressure.

5, high reliability, but the valve can not adhere after the gas source is interrupted (can be adhered after adding the retaining valve).

6. It is not convenient to implement segmentation manipulation and program manipulation.

7. The maintenance and repair is simple and the adaptability to the environment is good.

8, the output power is large.

9, with explosion-proof function.

Pneumatic actuator function

Compact dual-piston gear, rack-and-pindle construction for precise meshing, high efficiency and constant output torque. Aluminum cylinders, pistons and end caps are lighter in weight than actuators of the same specification. The cylinder is extruded aluminum alloy and hard anodized. The inner surface is hard, strong and hard. The sliding bearing made of low-friction material avoids the direct contact between the metals, the friction coefficient is low, the rolling is sensitive, and the service life is long.

Pneumatic actuators and valves are installed and the dimensions are designed according to the international standards ISO5211, DIN3337 and VDI/VDE3845 and can be interchanged with conventional pneumatic actuators. Two adjustment screws adjust the opening angle of the valve. The same specification has a double effect, single effect (spring reset). The direction can be selected according to the valve demand, rotating clockwise or counterclockwise. Install solenoid valve, positioner (opening indication), reply device, various limit switches and manual operation device according to user requirements.

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