What is the composition of the pneumatic actuator

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The type and structure of the conditioning organization of pneumatic actuators are roughly the same, mainly due to different organizational structures. Therefore, when the pneumatic actuator is introduced, it is divided into two parts: the execution organization and the conditioning valve. The pneumatic actuator consists of two parts: the executive organization and the conditioning valve (conditioning organization). According to the size of the control signal, the corresponding thrust is generated to push the regulating valve. The conditioning valve is the conditioning part of the pneumatic actuator. Under the action of the tissue thrust, the conditioning valve produces a certain displacement or rotation angle to directly regulate the flow of the fluid.

Pneumatic actuator type

1. Pneumatic equipment is mainly composed of cylinder, piston, gear shaft, end cover, seals, screws, etc.; complete sets of pneumatic equipment should also include opening indication, travel limit, solenoid valve, positioner, pneumatic components, manual organization, signal Composition of components such as reaction.

2. The connection scale of pneumatic equipment and valves should conform to the rules of ISO5211 (bottom), GB/T12222 and GB/T12223.

3. Pneumatic equipment with manual organization, when the air source is stopped, it should be able to use the manual organization to open and close the pneumatic ball valve. When facing the hand wheel, the hand wheel or handle should be rotated counterclockwise to open the valve, and rotate clockwise. The valve is closed.

4. When the end of the piston rod is internal or external, there should be a wrench opening for the standard wrench.

5. The sealing ring of the piston should be easy to replace and repair.

6. Pneumatic equipment with cushioning structure

7. Pneumatic equipment with adjustable cushioning structure should have a mechanism for regulating the buffering action outside the cylinder.

8. The thread size of the inlet and outlet of the cylinder should conform to the rules of MANUR NORM (accessory specification) sypv, GB/T7306.1, GB/T7306.2 and GB/T7307.

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