Cement dust electric butterfly valve

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First, Overview of cement dust electric butterfly valve

The electric powder butterfly valve and electric cement butterfly valve produced by Shanghai Zhongmei Valve are industrial products specially used for powder and granular materials. The soft seal formed by the valve body rubber seal makes it ideal for a variety of powders, particulate materials applications, especially for abrasive materials. In powders that require gravity blanking or pneumatic conveying, in a particulate material handling system, butterfly valves are often installed in hoppers, silos, screw conveyor outlets, and air delivery lines. Depending on the application requirements, a separate drive handle or cylinder drive kit is available. It is easy to install and maintain. It is a kind of cost-effective powder board and nitrile sealing ring. It is made of wear-resistant polymer material. There are manual, electric, pneumatic, gear motor and other driving devices, which can be exchanged with each other. The double flanged butterfly valve has 2 identical flange faces; the lower flange of the single flange butterfly valve is equipped with an extended connecting ring for the soft sleeve. Its main features are as follows:

1. The valve body is made of lightweight high-pressure cast aluminum alloy, which is light in weight.

2. The valve plate is a wear-resistant polymer material lined with a steel core, and forms a high wear-resistant soft seal with the wear-resistant rubber sealing ring, and the wear resistance is strong and applicable.

3, can be installed in the hopper, silo, screw conveyor outlet and pneumatic conveying pipeline.

4. The flange surface can be selected as single flange surface (D) or double flange surface (S).

Second, cement dust electric butterfly valve technical parameters

Nominal diameter(mm)DN100-DN400
main partValve bodyDie-cast aluminum alloy
Valve plateCarbon steel inner lining plate covered with wear-resistant polymer material
Seal ringNBR (NBR)
Applicable mediumCement, mud, powder
proper temperature(℃)·-15--100
Pneumatic actuatorsmodelCP, GT series, AT series, AW series

Third, cement dust electric butterfly valve parts and materials
Part Namematerial
Valve bodyAluminum alloy
Butterfly boardNylon board
Seal ringSilicone rubber, fluoro rubber
Valve stem304

Fourth, cement dust electric butterfly valve product selection

(1) Valve body parameters: nominal diameter, working pressure, process medium, use occasions, valve body materials and other series of parameters.

(2) Actuator parameters: actuator type, control mode, control signal (4-20mA, 1-5V), power supply voltage, etc.

Shanghai Gaocheng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a pneumatic ball valve brand enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacture, sales and service. It has accumulated rich production and sales experience in the field of industrial automation valves. If you have any questions, please call us at 021-66400088,and we will do our best to provide you with quality service.

Cement dust electric butterfly valve model

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