TD941W flange ventilation electric butterfly valve

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First, TD941W flange ventilation electric butterfly valve overview

TD941W flange ventilation electric butterfly valve is a non-closed butterfly valve. It is designed and manufactured by a new structure of medium-line butterfly plate and short-structure steel plate. The electric ventilation butterfly valve has compact structure, easy installation, small flow resistance and large circulation. Avoid the effects of high temperature expansion and operate lightly. Electric ventilation butterfly valve is widely used in pipelines such as building materials, metallurgy, mining, electric power, etc., with temperature ≤300°C and nominal pressure of 0.6Mpa, such as dust-containing gas, ventilation purification device, flue gas pipeline, etc., for connecting, opening and closing or Adjust the media.

Second, TD941W flange ventilation electric butterfly valve features

1. The design is novel, reasonable, light in weight, and quick to open and close.

2, the torque is small, easy to operate, labor-saving and smart.

3. Different materials are used to meet the low, medium and high dielectric temperatures and corrosive media.

Third, the performance parameters of TD941W flange ventilation electric butterfly valve

Actuator technical parametersValve body parameters
power supplyAC110, 220, 380V/DC24, 220VNominal diameterDN50~600mm
Output torque50N·M~2000N·MNominal pressurePN0.1MPa
Optional functionSwitch type, contact type, opening signal, intelligent adjustment typeValve shaft materialCarbon steel, 2cr13, 304/316/316L stainless steel
Range of motion0 to 90 ° ± 5 °Body materialCarbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel
Action time15 seconds / 30 seconds / 60 secondsValve plate materialCarbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel
Ambient temperature-30°~60°Seat sealstainless steel
Manual operationWith handle operationstructure typeMidline
LimitElectrical and mechanical double limittemperature≤300°C special customizable
Protection levelIP-67 (explosion-proof housing: Exd II BT4 IP67 optional)Applicable mediumDust-laden gas, air, dusty fumes
input signal0-10, 1-5VDC/4-20mA (smart adjustment type)CharacteristicsSmall torque, small flow resistance, large circulation capacity, anti-locking

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Flange ventilation electric butterfly valve features

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