D971F4 lining fluorine on the clamp electric butterfly valve

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First, Overview of D971F4 lining fluorine clamp electric butterfly valve

The lining fluorine clamp electric butterfly valve is composed of electric actuator and flange or wafer type lining fluorine butterfly valve. The butterfly valve seat and sealing surface are lined with fluoroplastic, which has zero leakage, long life, corrosion resistance and wear resistance. . The electric lining fluorine butterfly valve selects different lining valve bodies according to different working conditions, and is divided into a fully lined fluorine butterfly valve and a semi-lined fluorine butterfly valve. The control modes are switch cut type and intelligent adjustment type. The electric lining fluorine butterfly valve has strict sealing performance, and not only has the mechanical strength of the ordinary butterfly valve, but also can exert the chemical characteristics of corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance of PTFE. In the working condition under normal conditions, the butterfly valve of the stainless steel valve body With a higher price/performance ratio.

Second, D971F4 lining fluorine on the clamp electric butterfly valve application

The lining fluorine-clamping electric butterfly valve is provided with a thick layer of fluoroplastic polymer material in the overcurrent component (disc plate, valve inner wall) which is in contact with the medium, so it is also called electric lining plastic butterfly valve, which is suitable for The transportation of liquids and gases (including steam) in various industrial pipelines, especially those with severe corrosive, scouring and grinding media, such as: sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, chlorine, strong alkali, aqua regia, etc. A highly corrosive medium, but not suitable for use in process media with high particle and temperature.

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Fluorine-lined clamp electric butterfly valve application

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