Flanged high platform three-way ball valve

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First, the main features of the flanged high platform three-way ball valve:

1. Compact structure, rapid opening and closing, smooth flow path and low fluid resistance.

2, good sealing performance: the use of four-sided valve seat material PTFE elastic deformation to achieve a leak-free seal.

3, a multi-purpose valve: any port can be used as an inlet without leakage, the three-way can be made into an L-shaped port, or can be made into a T-shaped port.

4. Convenient maintenance: After the system is relieved of pressure, it can be inspected and repaired without removing the entire valve body.

5. It is generally applicable to the switching of medium flow direction and the diversion or mixing of medium in water supply, petrochemical, metallurgy, mining, textile, energy, paper, food, steel and other pipeline systems.

Second, the principle of medium flow of flanged high platform three-way ball valve:

The three-way ball valve is divided into L type and T type, and the flow direction of the medium is shown in the following figure. The L-type three-way ball valve is suitable for the switching of the flow direction of the medium, and can connect two channels perpendicular to each other: the T-type three-way ball valve is suitable for the shunting, confluence or flow direction switching of the medium, and the T-shaped channel can make the three channels communicate with each other or Two of the channels are connected, and the three-way ball valve generally adopts two valve seat structures, and the four-valve structure can also be adopted according to user requirements.


Third, the flange type high platform three-way ball valve offer notice:

1. Valve body parameters: caliber, working pressure, valve body material, medium, temperature, connection form, etc.

2. Actuator: actuator form, control mode, control signal (4-20MA), mode of action (gas-open, gas-off)

3. Optional accessories: solenoid valve, limit switch, two pieces

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Flange type high platform three-way ball valve features

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