Flange fixed worm gear ball valve ZMQ347F

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First, manual worm gear fixed ball valve overview:

The entire valve of the worm gear fixed ball valve is symmetrical around the central axis of the valve stem. It is mainly used to cut, distribute and change the direction of medium flow on the pipe. Its large pivot structure ensures the accurate center position of the ball under high pressure, ensuring the valve's good operating performance; the standard valve seat adopts a spring structure to push the valve seat to the ball, ensuring good two-way sealing performance of the inlet and outlet; With the discharge valve, the cavity of the valve body can be discharged outward; the pivot shaft adopts the anti-blowing protection structure to effectively prevent leakage; the bearing with low friction coefficient facilitates the opening and closing of the valve; the valve stem and the valve body effectively contact, so that the anti-static Grounding device performance is superior. It has the advantages of excellent performance, high reliability, wide application and reasonable price.

Applicable to: chemical, petroleum, natural gas, metallurgy, and other industries and long-distance natural gas pipelines containing hydrogen sulfide medium, impurities and corrosion.

Second, the quotation notes:

1. Valve body parameters: caliber, working pressure, valve body material, medium, temperature, connection form, etc.

2. Actuator: actuator form, control mode, control signal (4-20MA), mode of action (gas-open, gas-off)

3. Optional accessories: solenoid valve, limit switch, two pieces

4. If the model has been selected by the design unit, please report the model directly to our sales department for ordering.

Shanghai Gaocheng Valve Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a pneumatic ball valve brand enterprise integrating scientific research, design, manufacture, sales and service. It has accumulated rich production and sales experience in the field of industrial automation valves. If you have any questions, please call us at 021-66400088 and we will do our best to provide you with quality service.

Manual worm gear fixed ball valve

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