Flanged four-way pneumatic ball valve ZMAQ46F

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  • First, flanged four-way pneumatic ball valve overview

The four-way flanged pneumatic ball valve adopts the integrated structure and is matched with the ZMA pneumatic actuator. It has beautiful appearance, light and cheap people, quick disassembly and assembly, flexible operation, simple matching and large circulation capacity. It is widely used in food, environmental protection, light industry and petroleum. In the industrial automation systems of the paper, chemical, electric power and other industries.


Second, the flange four-way pneumatic ball valve structure features

The four-way reversing ball valve is an X-shaped vertical channel ball valve, which is characterized in that the two passages of the sphere are arranged in an X shape, and the four passages are evenly distributed on the circumferential section of the sphere, when the sphere is rotated 90° clockwise, It can make two channels that are similar to each other the same.

  • Third, flange four-way pneumatic ball valve performance specifications

Nominal pressure test pressure
PN(MPa)caseHigh pressure liquid sealLow pressure gas seal
Class 15032.2
Applicable conditionsApplicable mediumNon-corrosive media such as water, oil, gas, and acid-alkaline corrosive media
Operating temperature-28~350℃
Applicable specificationStructure lengthQ/CB
Connection flangeJB79、GB9113、HG20592、ASME B16.5
Inspection testJB/T 9092、API598

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Flanged four-way pneumatic ball valve structure features

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