Q641F high platform flange pneumatic ball valve

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First, the Q641F high platform flange pneumatic ball valve overview:

The Q641F high platform flange pneumatic ball valve consists of a double (single) acting pneumatic piston actuator and a floating ball valve. It is powered by compressed air, and the valve stem drives the spool to rotate 90° inside the valve body. The product can be divided into soft seal and metal seal according to its sealing performance. The utility model has the advantages of compact structure, small volume, reliable line, good sealing performance and easy maintenance. Widely used in petroleum, chemical, light industry, pharmaceutical, paper and other industrial automatic control systems.

Second, the main parameters of the pneumatic actuator:

Pneumatic actuatorsAT series, GT series single and double acting pneumatic actuator
Gas supply pressure0.4-0.8MPA
Air source interfaceG1/4", G1/8", G3/8", G1/2"
Form of actionSingle acting pneumatic actuator, double acting pneumatic actuator
Can be equipped with accessoriesSolenoid valve, limit switch, two-piece, handwheel mechanism, etc.

Third, the main components of pneumatic actuators:

nameAT pneumatic actuator
Cylinder blockAluminum alloy type hard anodizing
End capDie-casting aluminum alloy epoxy resin spraying
pistonDie-cast aluminum
axisSteel nickel-plated phosphorus alloy
bolt304 stainless steel

Fourth, the quotation notes:

1. Valve body parameters: caliber, working pressure, valve body material, medium, temperature, connection form, etc.

2. Actuator: actuator form, control mode, control signal (4-20MA), mode of action (gas-open, gas-off)

3. Optional accessories: solenoid valve, limit switch, two pieces

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Pneumatic actuators

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