What are the characteristics of electric butterfly valves

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The electric butterfly valve is called the combination of the electric actuator and the butterfly valve. The torque configuration of the same requirement is matched with the world-standard ISO5211 connection standard platform and the mutual fine-tuning of ±5° to achieve precision coordination.

Electric butterfly valve actuator

Actuator, electric actuator 90°120°180°270° Rotational angular stroke Torque control is divided into switch passive contact reaction type/smart adjustment type, special environment explosion-proof and explosion-proof type. Hard aluminum alloy housing Power supply DC24v, AC220v, AC380v, etc. are optional. Built-in overheat protection, central control response signal, indicator perspective window, emergency power failure emergency manual equipment Protection level IP67 bottom equipment scale conforms to ISO5211/DIN3337 world standard Adapt to ambient temperature 8 °C, epoxy coating. The specific data is provided separately by the supplier.

(1) The double eccentric structure is selected, which has the sealing function of tighter and tighter, and the sealing function is firm.

(2) The sealing accessory material is matched with stainless steel and nitrile oil resistant rubber, and has long service life.

(3) The rubber sealing ring can be placed on the valve body or on the butterfly board, and can be applied to different media for users to choose.

(4) The butterfly board adopts a frame structure with high strength, large flow area and small flow resistance.

(5) The overall baking varnish can be used to prevent rust and can be applied to different media only by replacing the sealing seat sealing material.

(6) The valve has a two-way sealing function, and the device is not controlled by the flow direction of the medium, and is not affected by the spatial orientation. Can be used in any direction.

(7) It has small volume, light weight, firm function, simple matching and large circulation, especially suitable for medium is clean liquid and gas.

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